How to play Pokdeng correctly.

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How to play Pokdeng correctly.

First of all, we need to understand that Pokdeng is one of the forms of gambling. popular That’s the highest. Because it must admit. That the poker card bounces. The more it turns into a form of betting bouncing online

Gamblers need to get to know and understand give more In general. That’s bouncing poker cards. It will consist of 2 cards together, not different from each other. Poker bounces like normal. Then have to encourage. How many points will we get

If the points in our hand add up to 8 points or 9 points, we have the right to win. or call home language Pok, but if the cards in the hand are not beautiful, the points are not good, may be blind or less than 4 points, can ask to draw 1 more card, but if the dealer

Open the first 2 cards and it appears that the dealer has a score of 8,9, that eye, the dealer will win according to the rules. Did you see that to play bounce It is the easiest bet that can be played. Because whether they play together according to the band of cards

Or playing in an online form Pokdeng at UFABET still retains the uniqueness of 2 cards as always.

Compensation rate What kind of bounce do you get from betting?

It’s the same thing about the compensation in betting on bounce. Many of you may be wondering. How to play Pokdeng online. On each website Will there be payouts that are similar to playing normal PokDeng? or maybe more

less then actually the rate of compensation How much is it exactly? Let’s start with the first one, that is, three cards. In the event that the points in both cards are 5,5, that means blind. or the score is 0 will have to draw more cards

1 more card comes up if the player draws this 3rd card and gets the number 5. It becomes a triple 5 or there are 3 matching number 5 cards. That we call the triple card. Get paid up to 5 times. Which is the highest among the points in poker cards.

The next part, if you draw a sequence of cards, that is, the first 2 cards are number 5 and number 6 when the points have been counted. is to have only one point Therefore, it is necessary to draw more cards, therefore, if the 3rd card drawn becomes the number 4, it becomes a sequential card.

4,5,6 get payout up to 3 times, the next card, master card or English arrangement J,Q,K, the dealer pays immediately 3 times, all 3 cards of the same suit pay 3 times as well. If it is a pair It’s the same number on both cards.

It will pay 2 times and the double bounce card pays 2 times the risk respectively which money you will get. it depends on that How many eyes did you go down?