Marcus Rashford posts vent after being insulted too much by fans.

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Marcus Rashford, Manchester United’s in-form forward, has explod his feelings on personal social media after being heavily insult by fans due to his recent performance.

After scoring a goal in the win over Liverpool in the FA Cup in mid-March. England national team star There have been no goals or even assists since. Most recently in the game winning against Coventry in a penalty shootout. After a draw at 3-3, in that game Rashford couldn’t play and encountered an injury. Until not being name in the 4-2 home win over Sheffield United, this season the 26-year-old star score only 8 goals for Manchester United. He is also facing losing his place in the national team to play in the Euro 2024 final round.

However, ทางเข้า ufabet on the United fan account on the X platform, there was a post encouraging that the way Rashford is getting The treatment was absolutely disgusting, it was cruel, it was a violation. which the 25-year-old football star who switched to using a black profile picture has reposted Along with writing an additional message: “I appreciate your support! It was an insult that had been going on for months. And my patience is enough.”

However, Eric ten Hag said: “I really feel for him (Rashford) a lot at this time. It is not unusual for him to receive heavy criticism for his performance. Because last year he did a great job. and scored a lot of goals for us.”

“We must help support him to return to his best form again. Because we’ve all seen how great he is. Of course, no one is happy with how things turned out this season. But we all hope he returns to his old self next season,” Ten Hag concluded.

Earlier in March, Rashford spoke, confirming his commitment to the club amid harsh criticism of his performance. Including the issue of escaping to a nightclub in Ireland and not being able to return to practice in time.