Dejan Kulusevski “De Bruyne” of Tottenham Hotspur

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Dejan Kulusevski “De Bruyne” of Tottenham Hotspur with the role of “Pig the gold behind the monk” waiting to shine.

Soared to the top of the crowd for Tottenham Hotspur. After the first game of The 2022/23 Premier League season with a 4-1. Home win over Southampton on Saturday. The kind that does not need the name of Harry Kane and Son Huong Min is a scorer at all. While Richarlison, the new spearhead, can still just sit and watch his teammates. Because they ban. The long field is from the previous season.

In which the game must be said. That both Son and Kane seem to perform slightly below the standard. That has given fans. Who have following the show a glimpse into the light of a man. Who has been known to stand out and maintain. Dejan Kulusevski His excellent standards since moving earlier this year, Dejan Ku. Lusevski. The Swedish attacker. Who can said to be the most important thing in Spurs’ offensive game. Can said with a 1-pay-1 shot, plus a beautiful pass to see all the time.

Whole game It’s true that rivals like Southampton may not be so strong that it makes it difficult for Tottenham to play their own game. But anyone who has followed the starlet’s form since. Last season can see that he is truly the missing jigsaw for Antonio Conte with five goals and eight assists. Golden Spurs chicken has finally won the Champions League quota in the final corner of the season.

With a precise left foot like a grip Excellent passing technique plus excellent gaming vision And the important thing is to maintain the standard. That is stable and certain. As can seen from the performance in the opening game of this season.