There many forms of underground lottery. Let’s study together here.

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How many types of underground lottery are there?

Underground lottery is a form of play. That most Thai people throughout the country play a lot.

To play underground lottery. In most of our homes there 6 main types as follows.

1. Top three

We buy all 3 numbers of any kind of lottery. The prize must issue exactly as the top three digits of the prize are design. will receive the prize money

2. Three toads

Numbers of any type of lottery like the top three. To switch positions back and forth, sure enough.

3. Top two

That we buy all 2 numbers of any kind of lottery. In which the prize must issue exactly with both numbers. And issue with the digit of the numbers.

4. Bottom two

Numbers of any kind of lottery. In which the prize must issue with the same 2 numbers and issued with the digit of the numbers. That we have specified from the beginning, like the two above

5. Number running on

Which can bought in any type of lottery. The results of the prize draw are base on the top three prize numbers. That lottery type that we bought. If 1 number that was purchase results in 1/3 of the numbers. That come out. That means we won the top running numbers.

The end of the underground lottery

It’s over. For the format of playing underground lottery. I have given an example of all 6 playing. Styles for friends. look a moment ago. I hope this article can help friends. Understand how to buy underground lottery more. And next time I will write an article. How to play the lottery step by step on the online lottery website at UFABET for friends to see.