Benefits of rice bran oil that improves health

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Rice bran oil as we know it. Rich in vitamin E which contains antioxidants. Such as Tocotrienols, Oryzanol and Sterols in natural plants. That may be able to provide many benefits within our body as follows:

Has antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory.

This is because our bodies have many enzymes that may cause inflammation in various areas of internal organs. Especially in the blood vessel area Until sometimes it causes patients to have symptoms of coronary stenosis. red blood cells coagulate. Which eventually leads to heart disease. But when you take in the nutrients Oryzanol. ทางเข้า ufabet That is in rice bran oil. May cause the substances mentioned above to inhibit and resist Oxidation before serious disease can eventually follow.

Against cancer cells.

In one test tube study, it was discovered that the compound tocotrienol (Tocotrienols) from rice bran oil May have the ability to protect cells in the body from ionizing radiation (Ionizing radiation) that is a part of causing cancer. However, it is still necessary for researchers to find proof. And the next fact is about the use to stop cancer cells.

Promotes heart health.

In an experiment with volunteers who suffered from hypercholesterolemia. The research team then put them on a low-calorie diet. and rice bran oil in the amount of 2 tablespoons per day. The test results concluded that bad cholesterol levels. The rate has clearly decreased. Because if the level is higher, it may increase the risk of heart disease. It can also increase your weight as well.